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News archive 2010


20.10.2010. After a busy start of autumn, we went to a long trip to Lithuania, Siauliai and didn`t have to disappoint - Lesley got "excellent" (CAC) and was a BOS.

Now there is time to improve our hunting skills to get CH-titles approved for all 3 Baltic states.


09.08.2010. A YEAR HAS PASSED!


18.07.2010. Another hot Sunday in showring - Lesley got excellent from Irish judge Les Chambers and was 2. best male.

11.07.2010. Extremely hot day in Ülenurme, luckily Gordons were the first ones in the ring at 10.a.m. and Lesley got CAC from Irish judge Ann Cuthbert and was male. Runa competed together with two junior handlers where they took 1., 2. and Well done, girls!!

03.07.2010. Runa took part in the handler competition together with junior handler Johanna Peeba, and they got 4. placement.

10.06.2010. New information on "Puppies" page .

09.06.2010. Sunny weekend on our Clubshow and Winner 2010. Both our dogs got "excellent", Lesley was 2. ja 3. in open class and Runa 1. in working class. Big thanks to photographers Margit and Johanna!!!


18.05.2010. Santo on his way to become strong and smart


09.05.2010. Happy Birthday dear Bayron and Santo! Way to go, juniors!



22.03.2010. Can there really be something green under the snow? Springly greetings from Santo :)

21.02.2010 After some long sleepy months we are happy to tell good news - Lesley and I went to show in Valmiera (Latvia) where he got excellent and CAC. Thank you judge Laszlo Erdos (Hungary).















To make us even more happy, a wonderful winter photos were sent by Bayron family.