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News archive 2009

All`s well that ends well!!

The year 2009 is over soon and the most wonderful thing is that both of our puppies have found new loving homes here in Estonia by now. Avalanche is having fun with his Irish friend Robi in Viljandi and Ambassador is keeping our flag high on the streets of Tallinn and Geneva. Gradually the popularity of Gordons is increasing. There are new fans and those who want to experience the feeling of "being owned by a Gordon" again and again.

For the coming year 2010, we wish all new and old Gordon fans lots of funny challenges!!!


Our puppies are 4 months old now - we celebrated it all together with a walk




Lots of photos are added to our Gallery!!!


Unexpectedly one of our boys - Avalanche is not booked any more. Here are his new photos at 3,5 months age. We are waiting calls from people who would like to have a life-long companion like this.




Three months birthday-walk with a brother and heavy snowfall





Eleven weeks




Seven weeks - new photos



Six weeks - first stacked photos



Five weeks - the story of names. As usual, we begin with "A". "A" like August, because it is their month of birth. Further on personalities start to play their role. The first-born pup has shown to have lots of energy, courage and curiosity. Thus, he will be named Oldmansion August Avalanche. His brother, on the other hand, is more of a lapdog, he thinks first and then reacts. The proper name for him would be Oldmansion August Ambassador.

Four weeks - the biggest change is that daddy Lesley also takes part in the everyday life of the puppies now. Earlier, Runa was extremely protective and didn`t let any dog near her whelping box but when the puppies started to spend time outside, she doesn`t mind Lesley playing with them as well.


Three weeks have passed and a lot of new skills have appeared - our little friends weigh 2,7kg now and can wag the tail, play with their mum and among themselves, lick water and hands and scratch behind the ear. Their teeth have appeared together with a strong will to use them. On Sept.1 they got their first deworming paste and a ball of minced beef which tasted quite good.


31.08. Right between the puppy news, it is the right place to let you know about another very important day - Runa`s birthday. A jubilee this time - 5 years!!!!

Happy Birthday to all brothers and sisters!!!

Pups are 2 weeks old, their eyes have opened and they can growl, bark, walk on all fours, pee when standing and try to play.

The pups are already 1 week "old" and very good at their job which is growing, of course. When we could see that they gained weight already 12h after birth and later on their growing was almost visible, we gave up daily weighing.